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Gillie Oldmeadow
Romsey Inner Wheel
July 2020 - June 2022


Inner Wheel was formed in Romsey in 1992. We are a relatively new club as the first Inner Wheel was started in 1924.

Inner Wheel was born out of a group of like minded ladies, whose husbands were all Rotarians. These ladies enjoyed social meetings and helped their husbands out with community service projects. Eventually they decided to set up their own club, run on similar lines to Rotary. They adopted as their badge, the rotary wheel but with a smaller cog inside it. At that time, the thinking behind it was the Inner Wheel which helps the big wheel turn. To this day we still use the same badge

Inner Wheel is part of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland

Over the country this is divided into 29 Districts and we are a member of District 11. Each year there are opportunities to visit other Inner Wheel clubs in our district, and also take part in interclub competitions. We have our own District magazine as well as the National magazine. Once a year there is a National conference held in the UK.

International Inner Wheel was formed in 1967; today there are around 100,000 members worldwide in 103 countries. It is the largest women’s organisation in the world and is represented at the United Nations


Is known as the Inner Wheel Club of Romsey
We have 25 members and most have partners in one of the two Rotary clubs in Romsey. The objects of the club are to promote true friendship, encourage the ideals of personal service and foster international understanding.

We are friendly active group of ladies who meet for a meal on the first Monday in the month. At our meetings there will be some business and usually a speaker . We also arrange outside visits and have a supper club.

Fund raising is done by arranging various events. This year Gillie has chosen Motor Neurone Disease Charity  as her charity. We will also support some of the many deserving charities local to Romsey and the international charity selected each year by the District President

The club also help Rotary with their major events, fund raising at Walk the Test Way, the annual Mayor’s picnic and Duck race, a wonderful afternoon held early in July each year and Reminiscences of Romsey, a day for our senior citizens where the focus is on Romsey in bygone years, with a tea party and entertainment in the Crosfield hall.

PRESIDENT Gillie Oldmeadow

I am married to Norman, a member of Rotary, Romsey Test. We have four children and nine grandchildren. I was born in Romsey, educated in Winchester and studied Physiotherapy in Bristol. After marrying I worked at Southampton General Hospital. Shortly afterwards we relocated to South Bucks and I moved to Wexham Park Hospital. Norman joined Round Table and later Rotary. I only joined IW after we moved back to Romsey in 2006. We have a cottage in Cornwall which we try to visit once a month. I was a Girlguiding district and division commissioner in Bucks and am still helping with Rainbows in Romsey. I was the chairman and then president of Romsey Flower Club and arrange a pedestal each week in Romsey Abbey. We have a large garden which keeps us busy. I belong to a book club and try to play golf at least once a week.


Originally membership was offered only to the wives and womenfolk of Rotarians but Inner Wheel has moved with the times. Nowadays, membership may be taken up by the following, provided that they are over 18 years old:
  • •Women with a connection to Inner Wheel Members/former Inner Wheel members
  • •Women with a connection to Rotarians/former Rotarians
  • •Women with similar ideals with the clubs consent
If you are interested in joining us then please get in touch ----